Betting Strategy Features

The BOSS is a comprehensive betting strategy, that when applied correctly, will allow you to cleverly structure your bets in a such a way that only very freak results will result in losses. Built in hedging functions allow you to cover the most likely of outcomes, while providing room to also cover the not so likely and still produce a profit (or break even).

The BOSS comes with an instructional video that you can play on your PC. We take you through a real football betting scenario – step-by-step, demonstrating exactly how to effectively use The BOSS to swell your betting account balance.

The BOSS comes with the software necessary to put the betting strategy into practice. Cleverly structuring your stakes to ensure you are always one step ahead of the game.

The BOSS can be used “pre-match” or “in-play” – with the ability to alter and add positions as the need arises.

The BOSS puts YOU firmly in control. Start out by working with the most likely outcome and factor in the winning margins. Then consider the unlikely outcomes and hedge your bets. The BOSS does this all for you at the click of a button. You simply enter the odds available and the BOSS does the rest. Simple.

User-Definable Staking – Choose between target profit or total stake betting. Easily switch between the two methods to determine which is the most profitable.

Save Your Betting Strategies – Quickly and easily save your data to disk for reference.

The BOSS is not just a football betting system. It is a system combined with powerful software and forged into an overall betting strategy. This strategy, when applied, is the route to profit from football betting.

The BOSS is built on a sound foundation of tried and trusted betting principles. We teach you all you need to know about using the BOSS by including an instructional video that you can play on your PC.

Watch the video and use the BOSS software at the same time. See for yourself just how profitable the BOSS can be. We take you through a real football betting scenario to clearly demonstrate exactly how to use the strategy and the software to achieve consistent profits from football betting.

Frequently Asked Questions

* Can the BOSS be used with bookmakers as well as betting exchanges?

Absolutely. Betting exchanges provide better odds (resulting in greater profits) but